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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 22, 2011

Mexican-Born Stylist Overcharges Star Clients Like Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway & Others for $1M

Chez Gabriela Studio in Beverly Hills was a place A-list celebrities went to get stylized for the red carpet and enjoy the banter with owner, 51 year-old Maria Gabriela Hashemipour.

The problem was she was using clients, like Anne Hathaway, Cher, Liv Tyler and other’s credit card on purchases at the Studio they did not authorize – to a tune close to $1 million – according to Los Angeles authorities.

Hashemipour pleaded guilty to one count of fraud and got the other 40 fraud charges dropped.  Many movie stars did not want to be identified or testify.  Reportedly, she had over charged Liv Tyler by $214,000, Anne Hathaway by $16,518, Melanie Griffith by $8,200, Penelope Cruz by $4,500 and Cher by $22,500.  Allegedly Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston were also clients.

She will be sentenced in two months and also faces deportation to Mexico.  Though Hashemipour claimed to be of Spanish descent she was actually born in Mexico and obtained a passport fraudulently.