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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 20, 2010

Mexican Border-City Mayor Assasinated

The mayor of Guadalupe, Mexico, located in the state of Chihuahua, was assassinated by unknown assailants as he walked to his car in the city of Juarez where he maintained a second home.  Mayor Jesus Manuel Lara Rodriguez, was elected in 2007 and quickly faced issues with warring drug cartels trying to maintain lucrative drug trade routes to the U.S.  Guadalupe, which borders Hudspeth County, Texas only has four police officers down from a peak of 40. 

Officials believed Lara kept a second home in Juarez as a safe house for him and his family should they ever come under attack from warring drug factions.  He was killed in front of his wife and son, they were unharmed.  The city of Guadalupe faces increased violence from the overflow from city of Juarez, that is being protected by 2,000 federal troops. 


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