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Latino Daily News

Monday September 26, 2011

Mexican Beauty Creams Have Mercury Poisoned Over 40 Texans

Public health officials in El Paso, Texas are warning female residents about a Mexican beauty product called ‘Crema Antiead y Desmanchadora’ translated to Antiaging and Lightening Cream.

Apparently the beauty product and a similar product have been associated with 44 mercury poisonings in the state with six cases being reported in El Paso.  The Crema product is identical to another Mexican beauty cream called ‘Crema Aguamary’ that is being blamed for the other mercury poisoning cases in the state.

Apparently the product has close to 130,000 times the allowable level of mercury in its content. 

Any resident that believes they have used the product is to throw it out immediately and get a blood and/or urine mercury test from their local physician.  Treatment information is available at the Poison Control Network (800) 222-1222.