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Latino Daily News

Friday November 4, 2011

Mexican Army Seize Luxury Narco Ranch 100 Miles From the Border (VIDEO)

Mexican Army Seize Luxury Narco Ranch 100 Miles From the Border (VIDEO)

Photo: Las Aguilas Ranch

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Last year, the Zetas begun extorting locals in Vallecillo, causing them to flee, leaving behind their properties that the criminals have been using for training quarters while upgrading its luxury standards. Image

Mexican army and federal police regained control of an enormous ranch that had been taken over by the Zetas last year. The ranch called “Las Aguilas,” still has remnants of the absurd luxury that the narcos brought to the small town of Vallecillo, Nuevo León, some hundred miles from the border with Texas.

The interior design is as lush as money can buy, game heads on the walls, entertainment rooms with pool tables, expensive liquor and big screen televisions and designer stainless steel kitchens. Image

The ranch was used for over six months as training grounds for Zeta recruits. Zetas from all over came to “Las Aguilas” to learn war tactics and undergo firearm training and play rounds of pool on the countless pool tables scattered throughout the property.  Police thinks the ranch might also have been used to dispose of bodies.

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