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Latino Daily News

Tuesday September 20, 2011

Mexican Anti-Discrimination Groups Say Snickers Ad is Sexist, File Suit (VIDEO)

Mexican Anti-Discrimination Groups Say Snickers Ad is Sexist, File Suit (VIDEO)

Photo: Snickers ad featuring singer and actress “Anahi’

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A Spanish version of the “You Are Not Yourself When You Are Hungry” ad campaign for snickers featuring singer and actress Anahi, has sparked some controversy and been labeled sexist by Mexico’s National Council to Prevent Discrimination. 

In the ad singer and actress Anahi, who stars in the video, falls off her bicycle and complains and moans until another biking friend delivers the predictable “Carlos, you really act like a girlie when you’re hungry, here, have a snickers bar;” she takes a bite, and next time we see “her” she has turned into Carlos, who feels less whiny after eating the chocolate bar.

“The persistence of homophobic, sexist and misogynist messages in the media as part of a sales strategy is of concern, since invoking violence, prejudice and negative stereotypes of women and feminine things helps gender inequality to take root,”

said The National Institute for Women in the joint complaint filed against the ad, along with Mexico’s National Council to Prevent Discrimination.

The company disagrees with the allegations, and said a poll conducted before the campaign’s launch found those surveyed did not consider the ad discriminatory.

The star of the commercial, Anahi didn’t provide a official statement, but it is very likely that much like Betty White before her, she did the ad because she found it humorous and its content light hearted, rather than insulting and demeaning.