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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 14, 2012

Mexican-American BMX Pro to Star in The Ricardo Laguna Project’ -Reality Show From Wilmer Valderrama

Mexican-American BMX Pro to Star in The Ricardo Laguna Project’ -Reality Show From Wilmer Valderrama

Photo: Mexican-American BMX Pro to Star in The Ricardo Laguna Project'

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Tr3s: MTV, Musica y Mas, the bilingual/bicultural entertainment destination for Latinos in the US, announces the premiere of the new docu-series The Ricardo Laguna Project under Executive Producers Wilmer Valderrama and RelativityREAL. The new series takes a look inside the outrageously amusing life of bilingual/bicultural BMX star Ricardo Laguna as he attempts to break 3 world records and start his own family business—all while balancing his close knit Latin family and the enticing social scene in Las Vegas. Tr3s will produce eight 30-minute episodes of The Ricardo Laguna Project, which premieres every Wednesday at 9pm (ET), starting March 14th, 2012.

“I have a passion for riding and being a part of the community—whether I’m helping kids or building huge dirt jumps at events—and of course I have a lot of fun along the way as it is Vegas, but I’m trying to do it all while building my brand AND in a way that makes my parents proud,” said BMX champ Ricardo Laguna. “There aren’t really any Hispanic riders in BMX that give back so I’m hoping I can be a role model to some of the kids out there. All in a day’s work and I can’t wait for the world to see it!”

Moving from La Paz, Mexico to the states at the age of 13 was a struggle but looking back Ricardo merits his familia for his extraordinary bilingual/bicultural experience. Even after turning pro at 21, Ricardo chose to continue living with his parents. Now at 29, he’s left the nest but didn’t stray too far from home or dinner time with family. Ricardo has been riding for more than a decade and holds multiple titles including the Best Latin-American Dirt Jumper in 2004. Since then, the BMX renaissance man has joined the X Games, competed nationwide and mentored youth across the country - all while keeping a steady (and responsible) presence in the Las Vegas social scene.