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Latino Daily News

Friday June 17, 2011

Messi Wins, Messi Parties (VIDEO)

Messi Wins, Messi Parties (VIDEO)

Photo: Tabloids Accuse Messi of Messy Partying

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Argentine tabloids report that Leo Messi’s apartment has become a haven for hard partying, alcohol, sex and cumbia.

Following a more than impressive season with the Barcelona Fútbol Club, and before concentrating on his upcoming responsibilities as #10 of the Argentine team in the Copa América, Leo has been partying with friends back home.

Argentine tabloids and newspapers have noted that from the lobby, at least, the partying in Messi’s 34th floor apartment appears scandalous.  Several dancers and models—many of them notorious for chasing millionaire soccer players, attended Messi’s bash along with high profile soccer players.

Guests said that nobody had an affair with Messi, and that they just had a few drinks, talked about Cumbia, and spent some time playing with his PlayStation.

Still, the Argentine press is making a huge deal out of it.

What’s the big deal? He’s not inviting underage girls, or tweeting bulge pictures, breaking windows, punching people, stealing his friends’ girlfriends or using recreational drugs.  He is bringing VIP’s to his house for cocktails and PlayStation, and he doesn’t need anybody’s permission to do so.

….And if you ask us, we think he has more than the right to “Raise the Roof” here are 53 reasons why.