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Tuesday September 25, 2012

Messi Loses Cool During Barcelona - Granada Match (VIDEO)

Messi Loses Cool During Barcelona - Granada Match (VIDEO)

Photo: Messi Loses Cool During Barcelona - Granada Match

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Soccer star, Lionel Messi had a surprising outburst during Barcelona’s match against Granada when teammate David “El Guaje” Villa failed to pass the ball quickly.

Since the outburst seemed out of place with Messi it was hard to ignore.

The incident happened on Saturday as Barca was setting themselves up to score in the 44th minute. This was Villa’s first start after recovering from a tibia injury, and it appeared Messi was getting frustrated with his teammates’ lack of passing speed.

In the end, the La Liga win went to Barcelona at 2-0 and coach Tito Vilanova, as well as Messi, has said there is no continuing issue between the two forwards

During an after-match conference, Vilanova said, “There is nothing to gather [from the Messi-Villa argument]. Whoever plays football knows discussions are a normality, and part of the game.

“Such occurrences are common signs that a team is alive. Not exchanging views for betterment would honestly suggest worse. What was important was to make it 15 points out of 15.

Messi later made similar Barca TV statements, saying, “These things happen in games. You want to score the first goal so that everything is then easier. It is something normal. It also happens at training, but people do not see it as it is not televised.

“I have no problem with el Guaje, just the opposite. My history with him is spectacular. This dressing-room is spectacular. Do not look for problems where there are none. We got angry because we want the best for the team and tension makes you react like that.”

Watch Messi and Villa’s verbal sparring below.

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