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Latino Daily News

Monday May 16, 2011

Messi Breaks Plane, Gets Scolded by Pilot (VIDEO)

Messi Breaks Plane, Gets Scolded by Pilot (VIDEO)

Photo: Messi broke the plane!

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“La Pulga” got yelled at through the plane intercom, after his celebratory banging of walls, resulted in a broken panel!

“This is the captain. One of the Emergency Exits has been manipulated. Please, we are in a critical phase of the flight. I know we have too much happiness within, but do try to contain it a little,” said the pilot through the intercom.

The whole Barça team was celebrating their third consecutive Liga championship, a festoon full of chanting, laughing, champagne drinking and wall banging.

Watch the moment when Leo’s celebratory banging results in a broken Emergency Exit panel.

...What happened there, Leo? Weren’t you the man who liked to fly like a grandma?