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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 25, 2012

Merengue Singer Miriam Cruz Releases First Solo Album “Es necesario”

Merengue Singer Miriam Cruz Releases First Solo Album “Es necesario”

Photo: Merengue Singer Miriam Cruz Releases First Solo Album "Es necesario"

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Dominican merengue singer Miriam Cruz, known as one of the voices of Las Chicas del Can, is returning to the stage with her first solo album “Es necesario.”

It is a return that the singer described as a rebirth in a “very different” environment from that she experienced with the group that was a sensation during the 1980s.

“It’s different. Imagine, before there were fewer opportunities to work and (it was) much more difficult. As a woman, before they said that it wasn’t possible for a woman to do the work of a man,” the singer told Efe.

She recalled that Las Chicas del Can broke that barrier because the group was made up of women who sang and played instruments like the conga, the drum and others.

In her new project, and with only her name to identify the entire group, the artist returned last year to the recording studio to produce the album that she will release in mid-April and which, she said, “doesn’t sound like the merengue of before.”

“The merengue of today is more aggressive and more direct. That is, I’m identifying myself with the feeling of many women and this has been one of the key points for Miriam’s rebirth,” the singer said.

After performing in Miami, where she will appear at a private club on Thursday, Miriam will travel to Boston, Philadelphia and New York.

Then, she will return to her country and on Feb. 22 she will begin a three-week European tour.