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Monday November 21, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Manager Arrested Under Alabama’s Harsh Immigration Law

Mercedes-Benz Manager Arrested Under Alabama’s Harsh Immigration Law

Photo: Mercedes-Benz Manager Arrested Under Alabama's Harsh Immigration Law

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A Mercedes-Benz manager in from Germany was arrested under Alabama’s controversial new immigration law for not having a driver’s license and once again shined a light on a law that many deem highly problematic.

Wednesday, a German Mercedes-Benz manager was arrested after a police officer pulled over the rental car he was driving because it did not have a tag. When the officer asked for the man’s driver’s license he stated he did not have one, only a German identification card. The officer then arrested the man for not carrying proper identification, as it is now required under the new law.

The 46-year-old man was charged with violating Alabama immigration law and sat jail until an associate was able to bring his passport, visa, and German driver’s license.

Mercedes-Benz has a plant about 20 miles outside of Tuscaloosa.

The Alabama law states that an officer is to detain anyone who cannot provide valid identification to indicate they are in the country legally, and Spencer Collier, Alabama’s homeland security director, said the officer in this case appeared to have “followed the statute correctly.”

Collier also states that his interest in this particular case, that of an executive from one of the state’s biggest companies, was no different than any other case he randomly checks up on.

The law was put in place to the appease those asking for stricter immigration laws to keep undocumented immigrants out. It is considered the most strict immigration law in the country, and is partially mirrored after Arizona’s.


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