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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 4, 2011

Men Arrested for ‘Selling’ Prostitutes from Mexico & Central America in U.S.

Men Arrested for ‘Selling’ Prostitutes from Mexico & Central America in U.S.

Photo: Mexican Prostitutes Smuggled to U.S.

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Joseph H. Hogsett, U.S. Attorney, today announced the dismantling of a criminal organization similar to those involved in the illegal importation and distribution of controlled substances—the only difference being that the product being imported and sold by this organization was the services of prostitutes.

The organization, which operated out of Indianapolis over the course of several years, was headed by three brothers who procured prostitutes, some of whom were smuggled into the United States from Mexico and Central America. Another group of individuals acted as managers of the locations where the prostitutes conducted business.

The organization maintained and operated houses of prostitution in multiple states—including Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio—and caused the prostitutes to move between these houses on a near-weekly basis.

The organization operated primarily in the Hispanic community and advertised its services by distributing business cards bearing advertisements and telephone numbers for auto repair or western wear outfitters. These business cards were known within the Hispanic community as contact numbers for arranging appointments with prostitutes. Each such appointment, referred to as a “ticket,” cost between $40 and $50.

The complaint alleges that the criminal organization was primarily controlled by brothers Jose Louis Hernandez-Castilla, Norberto Hernandez-Castilla, and Gregorio Hernandez-Castilla.

The complaint further alleges that the houses of prostitution were managed by Hector Elizalde-Hernandez, Javier Aguilera-Sanchez, Fredy Arnulfo Valle-Soto, Jorge Armando Rodriguez-Sanchez, Jose Mejia, Santos Nunez, and Elvin Herrara.