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Latino Daily News

Friday April 27, 2012

Meet the Mexican OctoMom Plus One Karla Perez

Meet the Mexican OctoMom Plus One Karla Perez

Photo: Karla Vanessa Perez (32) is due to have nine children.

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A Mexican woman from the northeastern state of Coahuila is the first women to be expecting nine children, beating U.S. octomom Nadya Suleman. The woman, later identified as Karla Vanessa Perez (32), is due to have six girls and three boys according to reports.

Perez is currently being treated at a hospital in Saltillo, where her pregnancy stemmed from fertility treatments.

Perez was initially surprised when she had triplets this past November 4th, but she was more surprised to find out of her nine children on the way. A large family is definitely in Perez’s future with the nine children giving her a grand total of 13 children.

Doctors indicated that her due date would be May 20th, but the birth might be scheduled later to avoid all of her babies to be placed in incubators.

The Octomom plus one said in Spanish statement to the press “It’s too soon to think of the names for all of the babies, first I hope that everything turns out fine, and that the pregnancy goes by normally”.

Her husband, Juan Bernando, who works in tire repair, expressed his worry in providing for all his children. The family has no social security, and with his type of work a base salary is rare.