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Latino Daily News

Monday August 29, 2011

Meet Amado Boudou. Argentina’s Next Rock ‘n’ Roll Vice-President (VIDEO)

Meet Amado Boudou. Argentina’s Next Rock ‘n’ Roll Vice-President (VIDEO)

Photo: Amado Boudou and Cristina Fernandez

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Don’t be fooled by his Harley-Davidson enthusiast outfit, this 47 year-old rock star and current Economic Minister has been chosen to be the next Vice-President of Argentina! 

Boudou has been selected to serve as Vice President for the front-runner and current President Cristina Fernandez Kirschner who is seeking reelection.  Current Vice President Julio Cobos has been feuding with Kirschner and was not asked back on the ticket.

Amado Boudou’s campaign trail stops could be more accurately described as tour dates; often traveling with Argentine rock band “Mancha de Rolando”.  Boudue delivers his take on the progressive branch of politics introduced in 2003 by then president Néstor Kirshner, through rock and roll music.

Boudou says that the inherent honesty of rock music is his formula to reach the people, tired of dishonest politics and politicians.

Amado Boudou keeps three photograph frames on his desk at the Economy Ministry: in the first one, he is hugging Argentine rock star Andrés Calamaro, in the second one, he is next to activist and “Madres de Plaza de Mayo” founder Hebe de Bonafini, and the third one is of the day Cristina Fernández was sworn in as President.

But the picture that he keeps closest to him, adorns his laptop’s background and the one that he carries in his wallet to show proudly, is a portrait of his girlfriend, the stunning redhead CN23 journalist Agustina Kämpfer.

The couple lives together and though they both want children in the future, they sleep separately.

“I got kicked out of the bedroom,” he says “because I snore too loud…”