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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 10, 2011

Mayors Bloomberg & Villaraigosa’s Twitter Challenge for ‘The People’s Games’ (VIDEO)

Laying the smackdown in a video broadcast on YouTube.com/ThePeoplesGames, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa challenged New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to compete in The People’s Games tournament beginning with NYC playing L.A. in a best of three basketball competition.

Announcing The People’s Games with a Los Angeles vs. New York basketball series pitting the best players from each city in a battle for bragging rights, Villaraigosa boasted, “For my friend Mayor Bloomberg in New York City, I’d like to say I’m sorry, but you’re about to finish second in a two-city event!”

Bloomberg quickly caught wind of The People’s Games challenge from the L.A. mayor, firing back on Friday with his own piece of friendly trash talk through his official Twitter channel. His March 4 tweet threw down the challenge:

“Sorry [Mayor Villaraigosa]: I’ll take the talent from Rucker Park or the W. 4th St. Cage over L.A. in [The People’s Games] any day of the week,” Bloomberg responded.

Within moments, Villaraigosa returned fire with his own analysis on Twitter:

“[Mayor Bloomberg], unless [Carmelo Anthony] and [A’mare Stoudemire] are playing at Rucker Park or W. 4th St Cage, I’m not worried [about The People’s Games],” Villaraigosa shot back. 

The banter was friendly, but the rivalry palpable between the city leaders in defense of their Los Angeles and New York City civic athletic pride.

As if that wasn’t enough, The People’s Games also reignites the rivalry between two NBA legends serving as coaches for their respective city’s teams. Knicks great Earl “The Pearl” Monroe leads the New York team, with Laker and UCLA Bruin star Lucius Allen helming the team from Los Angeles.  LINK

The People’s Games is a new sports concept offering athletes the opportunity to represent their cities, families, and communities in competition against other US cities to prove which city has the best athletes in various sports. 

The People’s Games tips off Sunday, March 13th with basketball tryouts throughout New York City and Los Angeles, followed by a “best of three” finals series in early May.  Home court advantage will be determined by a ceremonial coin-toss.  The public will also be able to help select their city’s team, participate in a variety of social events surrounding the games, and watch key action from the competition on this site.

The People’s Games is a new brand of sport in America. It is an original and unique concept which provides an opportunity for the common man to represent their city in sporting competition against rival cities. It’s an opportunity for real people…teachers, taxi drivers, policemen, janitors, waiters, etc…to live out their dream of playing in a big time sporting event, representing their family, neighborhood, and city in pursuit of the thrill of victory.

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