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Latino Daily News

Saturday August 16, 2014

Mayor Running for Re-Election Killed in Peru

Mayor Running for Re-Election Killed in Peru

Photo: Marzony Vasquez

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Authorities are investigating the murder of the mayor of the central Peruvian municipality of Amarilis, a senior police officer said Friday.

Marzony Vasquez, who was seeking re-election in October, died en route to the hospital Thursday night after two assailants on a motorcycle shot him as he was driving to his home, Col. Juan Albarracin told the media.

On learning of the mayor’s murder, Interior Minister Daniel Urresti traveled to the region to coordinate the investigation.

“We worry that the motive could have been political violence. That is, violence in which other candidates are participating via hired killers,” Urresti said.

“That would be very serious and it is what we want to rule out,” the minister said in comments to reporters.

Vasquez, an accountant by profession, became mayor last November after the removal of his predecessor, Ricardo Moreyra.

A previous mayor of Amarilis, Cesar Martinez, was killed in office in 2005, Lima daily El Comercio said in its online edition.


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