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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 13, 2014

Mayor-Elect in Ecuador Gunned Down

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa condemned the murder of the mayor-elect of the coastal city of Muisne and asked his compatriots to prevent violence from taking over the country.

“We won’t allow violence to take over. Most of us are good,” Correa wrote Monday on Twitter.

Walquer Vera, 42, a member of Ecuador’s governing AP party, won the election for mayor of Muisne in Esmeraldas province and was to take office in just a few days, but was shot and killed Sunday by unidentified gunmen.

“Brotherly embrace for the family of our companion Walquer Vera and for all Esmeraldas,” Correa said in another tweet.

The interior minister announced Sunday an investigation into Vera’s murder and said a relative of the victim told authorities that the mayor-elect had received death threats.

Interior Minister Jose Serrano said he won’t stop until the guilty parties are identified and arrested.

“We won’t let Esmeraldas become a no-man’s land,” he said.

The National Assembly also mourned the death of Vera, husband of acting legislator Italia Jijon.

The Assembly also demanded that “all necessary action be taken so that this act does not go unpunished.”


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