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Latino Daily News

Friday August 6, 2010

Mayans want Conquistador Statue Removed

A life size bronze statue of a Spanish conquistador was installed in June in the Mexico’s Yucatan’s state capital; and over 100 Mayan groups want it removed.

History tells us that between 1528 and 1546 Montejo and later his son led bloody battles while seeking control of the Yucatan peninsula. They killed Mayas by the thousands and suppressed the Mayan culture. The Mayans stood strong and continued to resist but their lands were largely taken and those that survived were forced into hard labor.

“This represents an insult for the Maya nation,” Artemio Kaamal of the Maya civic group Kuxa’an’on (“We are Alive” in Maya), said of the monument. “This injures the identity and roots of the Mayan people.”

Historian Juan Peon Ancona called the monument “an example of historical maturity and justice” when the statues were unveiled in late June.

The city council is expects to take up the issue next week.

As witnessed by very few monuments to them in the country, Mexicans have done little to praise the conquistadores, over the past 500 years.