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Latino Daily News

Monday February 21, 2011

Mastretta Mexican Car Manufactures Hopes BBC Insults Translate to More Sales

While many Mexican’s and even the Mexican Ambassador to the U.K. were demanding apologies for the negative portrayal of Mexican people and local car manufacturer Mastretta – Mastretta is hoping to take those insults and turn them into sales.

Last month the popular BBC auto show ‘Top Gear’ when describing the Mexican Mastretta car described it using terms like “lazy” “tortilla on wheels” and “flatulent” and equated these negative qualities to the Mexico people also. Many Mexicans were insulted and let BBC know it and the government went as far as to demand an official apology. BBC has since issued an apology.

The upside is that now many Mexican’s know what Mastretta is and all about the sleek Mastretta MXT.  Their online traffic is exploding, more visits to show rooms are occurring and they are even booking more sales.  The car is also getting a lot of notice throughout Latin America.

Mastretta is known more as a manufacturer of public transportation vehicles with many Mexican’s not realizing they had ventured into making sleek sportsers, now thank to nationalistic feelings and the BBC they do.