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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 8, 2010

Massive Manhunt Underway: Alleged Zetas Break Elmer Arnoldo Zelada Out of Prison in Guatemala

At least two dozen heavily armed men attacked a prison at 2:42 pm (Guatemala time) near the Mexican Border, and broke Elmer Arnoldo Zelaya out of jail.

The 20 year old prisoner was arrested last Saturday, and found guilty of several crimes including kidnappings and murders. The rescued prisoner, Elmer Aroldo Zelada Galdamez, is best known for his vicious attack on the ex-beauty queen Odalis Lutin Rodas and the kidnap and subsequent dismemberment of Malacatecos first division soccer player Carlos Vásquez; Vázquez was last seen when he and a few teammates went out to buy some dinner. His body was later found dismembered on November 28, dumped in five plastic bags with a note that said-(this is)... “For Messing With the Women of Others.”

ImageThe Zetas left behind two SUV vehicles, and a sedan at the prison that are currently being investigated by police officials, as well as assault rifles and grenade launchers.

Guatemala’s minister of government Carlos Menocal confirmed that the infamous Los Zetas cartel are behind today’s violent operative, in which one police officer and one civilian lost their lives.

The minister said that the prison holding Elmer Arnoldo Zelada was designed to hold minor offenders, and that he had ordered reinforcements to the area.

There’s tension in the zone as several bystanders were caught by stray bullets during the intense firefight earlier today; roadblocks have been set up and several helicopters circle the area looking for the criminals in San Marcos, western Guatemala.