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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 7, 2010

Massive Crack-Down on Puerto Rico’s Police Force

The U.S. Justice Department and 750 members of the FBI were involved in a large scope investigation of Puerto Rico’s police force resulting 133 individuals arrested for providing drug dealers protection.

Operation Guard Shack, a two year initiative, lead by the FBI was an unprecedented effort to root out corruption with the island’s police force.  The island is seeing increased drug activity due to its strategic location as a major shipping point for drug smuggling from South American countries.  In the investigation FBI agents worked undercover as drug dealers and observed police officers provide security while drug transaction were being executed or participate in the actual drug sale. 

The investigation concluded yesterday with a island wide sweep that netted 133 defendants arrested on charges ranging from drug trafficking, corruption and possession of illegal firearms.  The majority of individuals arrested were members of the Puerto Rico Police Department but members of other police forces were also involved, including National Guard soldiers and correctional officers.