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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 26, 2011

MA Hispanic Students Missing on Average Three Weeks of School and No One Doing Anything About It

A recent report presented by Mauricio Gaston Institute, which is a part of UMass-Boston, is showing that Latino students in Massachusetts are missing on average three week of a school per school year and also have a low rate of high school graduation.

In the state the general population misses 9 days of school and the rate of high absenteeism amongst Hispanics is not causing the alarm bells to go off, as they should, according to the report.  The rate of absenteeism is the highest of any minority group in the state.

Hispanics also have a low rate of graduation from public high school at 60 percent versus 82 percent for the recent of the student population.  This situation should be of concern to the state, since Latinos are the fastest growing student population and currently represents 15 percent of all students in the state.