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Latino Daily News

Friday July 22, 2011

Maryland Hispanic-Hating Tire Slasher Convicted

Maryland Hispanic-Hating Tire Slasher Convicted

Photo: Steven Ray Armstrong convicted of slashing the tires of a number of Hispanics

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A Maryland man has been found guilty of slashing the tires of a Hispanic man’s car, and it was determined he did so due to race or ethnic bias.

Thursday, Steven Armstrong, 53, was convicted of malicious destruction of property and committing a crime based on race or ethnicity.

Prosecutors say Armstrong admitted to vandalizing the Hispanic man’s vehicle as well as a number of others last year. All 21 suspected victims are Hispanic, with the exception of one that is of East Indian decent When the victim asked Armstrong what he was doing, he reportedly replied that he hated Hispanics.

John McCarthy, the Montgomery County State’s Attorney, stated racially motivated crimes will not be tolerated and he urged all crime victims to come forward.

Armstrong, of Silver Spring, Md, is scheduled to be sentenced on September 30 of this year.