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Latino Daily News

Friday August 15, 2014

Marlow Rosado Looks To Expand Salsa Genre

Marlow Rosado Looks To Expand Salsa Genre

Photo: Marlow Rosado

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The latest album from Marlow Rosado and his La Riqueña band aims to show that salsa can accommodate new elements and colors.

“Salsanimal,” the follow-up to the Grammy-winning “Retro,” was crafted with the idea of expanding the genre, Rosado said in an interview with Efe.

The disc includes a pure instrumental, “88mil teclas,” featuring Rosado and fellow top salsa pianists Richie Ray and Larry Harlow.

Another cut, “Yo se que un dis,” offers bolero-style salsa tailored to the rhythm of the cha-cha.

“This isn’t heard nowadays on salsa albums, where everything has to be very pretty,” Rosado, 46, told Efe.

The veteran composer and producer took the chance of including a salsa number “that doesn’t invite you to dance, but rather to reflect.”

That tune, “OK, Here is the Truth,” brings Rosado together with singer Jon Secada.

“Salsanimal” likewise includes collaborations with Mayito Rivera, Herman Olivera, Alex Matos, Domingo Quiñones and El Checo Acosta, among others.


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