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Latino Daily News

Saturday May 28, 2011

“Marco Rubio is not the solution to the Hispanic Problem” Hispanic GOP

“Marco Rubio is not the solution to the Hispanic Problem” Hispanic GOP

Photo: Marco Rubio

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This weeks Somos Republicans Statement:

In a recent story, POLITICO quoted Senator Marco Rubio taking a hard line stance on immigration. As the largest national Latin Republican group in the United States, we believe we have to address Rubio’s recent remarks because he made it very clear that he has opposed the DREAM Act and he also believes Washington needs to stem the flow of illegal immigration through tougher border security and electronic workplace verification before figuring out what to do with those already here.

We believe the problem with implementing more tougher border security and national e-verify is not a reasonable solution because enforcement only policies are fundamentally disconnected with the economic realities we live in. Immigrants bring additional tax revenues, hard work ethic, that businesses and corporations rely on. In fact, corporations need H-1 Visa reform. In 2006, we built the fence, we increased enforcement – now is the time for Senators to fix the broken system using reasonable solutions in which farmers, businesses and Americans can benefit from. It’s time for the rhetoric to stop, and now it is time for Congress to act in tackling this difficult issue in a bi-partisan fashion.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) report confirms we have accomplished our mission since President George W. Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006. Bush’s Act covered 700 miles of fencing and we have maintained 100% operation control of the border since then. At least 300 miles of vehicle barriers, 370 miles of fencing, and 105 ground-based radar and camera towers have been installed along the U.S.-Mexico land border, along with deployment of four unmanned aerial vehicles and their supporting systems.

Recently the State of Florida failed to pass an anti-immigrant bill SB 2040 which included strong e-verify and 287(g) language. If it were not for the tourist industry, business community, citrus agricultural growers, immigrant activists and religious leaders – the bill would have passed. The State of Florida sent a resounding message to Americans that e-verification combined with enforcement-only solutions are not the answer in solving the immigration issue because farmers depend on immigrant labor. They know that farmers are suffering in the state of Arizona and much of it’s crop did not get picked as a result of legislative bills that drove the work force away. In addition, vegetable and food prices increased at the grocery store and this further hurts the American consumer due to increased gasoline prices and rising inflation.

Unfortunately, Rubio is not the solution to the Hispanic Problem we are facing right now. As the largest Latino Republican organization in the nation, SOMOS REPUBLICANS has already come up with a reasonable plan with our 12 steps to Secure Borders and Legal immigration. The plan was reviewed, polished and endorsed by a former Ronald Reagan, George Bush I and II Presidential Hispanic advisor – Lionel Sosa of Texas. We encourage Senator Rubio to review our plan that came from within our Latin community in the southwestern part of the United States. More importantly, we hope that Senator Rubio learns from Jose Marti or at least reflects on his words of wisdom based on social justice.