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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Marc Anthony’s Private Plane Denied Take Off in Mexico as He Refuses Customs Check

Singer and actor Marc Anthony tried to evade a customs check at the Veracruz international airport as he was preparing to leave the country, officials at the terminal reported Tuesday.

The performer arrived at the airport on Monday night in a vehicle and boarded a private jet on the tarmac with the intention of leaving the country without passing through the baggage check area.

Airport authorities asked the singer to deplane and come into the terminal to go through the obligatory procedures for clearing him to travel.

The Puerto Rican singer refused and the control tower denied the aircraft’s pilot authorization to take off, a situation that finally forced Anthony to pass through the customs inspection before he ultimately departed, airport authorities said.

Anthony had come to Veracruz to participate last weekend in the third International Salsa Festival along with other well-known salsa figures and bands such as Ruben Blades, Tito Nieves and Grupo Niche.