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Monday June 6, 2011

Marc Anthony to Produce Signature Music of “Hawthorne”

Marc Anthony to Produce Signature Music of “Hawthorne”

Photo: JAda Pinker-Smith and Marc Anthony in "Hawthorne"

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The Grammy-winning star has been named Executive Music Producer of the TNT medical drama starring Jada Pinkett Smith.

The hour-long drama revolves around Christina Hawthorne, a chief nursing officer dealing with the tribulations attached to managing a cash-strapped medical institution. Marc Anthony is also in it, he plays detective Nick Renata.

Pinkett Smith, an executive producer on the show, told Billboard about the Marc Anthony’s new role as Executive Music Producer.

“When we first started, Marc said that the show had to have signature music,” she said. “The music had to be identifiable to the show. You want to be able to recognize the music and the show even if you’re in another room.”

“We compose from scratch and write pieces and incorporate them into the show during pivotal moments,” Said Marc Anthony to Billboard while taking a break from shooting the series. “Certain characters and situations have a certain sound.”

The third season of Hawthorne is set to begin June 14 (10/9c) and will include theme music composed by Anthony as well as creative partner Julio Reyes.