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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 22, 2013

Marc Anthony: I Feel Like I’m Starting My Career All Over Again

Marc Anthony: I Feel Like I’m Starting My Career All Over Again

Photo: Marc Anthony

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American singer Marc Anthony, who went a decade without launching a new studio disc, said that when “3.0” hit the market it made him so nervous it was like starting a new career.

“After being away for 10 years, I feel like I’m starting my career all over again,” the artist told a press conference Monday in Mexico City.

His album “3.0” went on sale in July with its 10 songs, including “Vivir Mi Vida,” and became the first salsa disc in 10 years that managed to grab top spot on the Billboard chart.

“I felt a lot of anxiety before launching the disc because the whole market has changed over the past 10 years,” the artist said, adding that he wasn’t “very sure” about launching a purely salsa album and felt a lot of “anguish and anxiety.”

“Taking the decision and not being really sure and then scoring such a success has me full of life,” the 45-year-old singer and actor said.

The artist is in Mexico on his “Vivir Mi Vida World Tour 2013,” during which he has visited several Latin American countries, the United States, and which will take him to Australia in the coming months.