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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 13, 2010

Many States Want AZ Immigration Law Only Three Will Probably Get It: Oklahoma, South Carolina & Utah

Even though there are over 17 states that have are introducing bills similar to Arizona’s SB 1070 only three states are likely to pass such initiatives due to receptive State Houses and Republican governors.

Oklahoma , South Carolina and Utah according to the Washington Post are likely to create legislation in 2011 giving them federal-like powers on the issue of immigration.  All states will be looking out to see what happens with the Department of Justice lawsuit against the Arizona law but nonetheless each has started their own path to disavowing their state from undocumented immigrants.

Oklahoma led the path in 2007 when it made it a felon to transport or shelter undocumented individuals and has also blocked them from getting drivers licenses and state tuition.

Utah’s current laws prohibit the hiring of undocumented workers and the next step is to have legislation that mirrors Arizona’s SB 1070

South Carolina has had strict illegal immigration laws on the books since 2008 which mandates business verify legal status and makes it a crime to transport and harbor them.  They are now working on an Arizona like bill but watching out to see what happens there.



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