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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 24, 2010

Many Remain Unidentified in Mexican Mine Mass Grave

Mexican authorities are starting to identify the 64 bodies in the Taxco mine shaft they uncovered last May.  Little did they know they would encounter a mass grave when authorities were led to the mine, working on a tip from an informant.  The recovery of bodies is almost complete but the identification of the dead is just beginning.  Thus far only eight bodies have been identified. 

The government believes the mine, which has been shuttered for years due to a mining strike, was a dumping ground for numerous drug lords to use for their victims.  The mine shaft was concealed and when open led to a 15-foot wide shaft that is approximately 50 stories deep.  Some of the bodies found were dismembered, some decapitated and others too decayed to determine cause of death.  It is feared that some victims were alive when thrown down the shaft.  The Mexican government has created a task force to deal with the situation.


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