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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 31, 2011

Many Large U.S. Cities Now Have Majority-Minority Populations

According to a recent analysis of census information, in many metropolitan areas, minorities are now the majority after a decline in the cities’ white residents.

The Washington Post has said the metropolitan areas around Washington D.C., New York City, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Memphis have been “majority-minority” since 2000.

In 22 of the 100 largest urban areas, non-Hispanic whites have become the minority over the last 10 years, with the white population dropping in 42 of the 100, and all declining in all large metro areas.

Today, racial and ethnic minorities make up just over half of Washington D.C.’s urban area, after being 55 percent white in 2000.

Though demographers say changes and shifts in population are to be expected, the speed at which it has occurred it what is most surprising.

And with changes like these to populations, a greater political shift is likely to occur, as cities that once had a white majority and a strong number of Republican voters may now boast a larger Democratic population.

Click here to view 2010 U.S. Census Map showing the population growth.