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Wednesday October 26, 2011

Manchester City Fines Carlos Tévez A Million Euros For Refusing to Play

Manchester City Fines Carlos Tévez A Million Euros For Refusing to Play

Photo: Carlos Tevez

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In a move unheard of in English Soccer, the Manchester City team suspended Argentine Carlos Tévez for 2 weeks and fined him with more than a million Euros (approx $1.5 million) .

The large record setting fine, which represents a month’s salary for Tevez, was for disobeying an order from coach Roberto Mancini.

During the Champions League game between Manchester City and the Bayern Münich last month, Mancini ordered Tévez to warm up and get ready to jump in the game, as the team was losing 2-0. Tévez refused.

Manchester City’s disciplinary committee said the Argentine player failed to meet several contractual obligations, and gave the player 14 days to appeal the decision.

Tévez says that he didn’t refuse to play, but rather refused to warm up. He is reportedly planning to sue Mancini for defamation over the allegations.

Tévez’s suspension is a first in English soccer, where the maximum fine is 2 weeks salary. A special request to sanction the player was sent by Manchester officials to the players’ union for ratification of a four-week-wage fine.

Tévez has been off the team for the time indicated in his sanction and is now eligible to play with the team; coach Mancini however, maintains that Tévez will never play for the Manchester City again.