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Latino Daily News

Friday May 4, 2012

Mana Gets Panties Thrown at Them? Or Tapatio?

Mana Gets Panties Thrown at Them? Or Tapatio?

Photo: Mana was caught on video and asked a racist question.

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Maná,  the popular rock band that originates from Mexico, were in Los Angeles to see the Coldplay concert when they were caught by a TMZ reporter.

The reporter didn’t hesitate in grabbing the groups attention with a racist question/joke, which wasn’t funny at all.

He asked the rock band whether they got “panties” or “Tapatio” thrown at them during their concerts. For those who don’t know, Tapatio is a popular Mexican hot sauce.

Like good sports, the members of Mana avoided the pun and said “of course, panties”.

Perhaps, some reporters should think twice before they make a bad joke.