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Latino Daily News

Monday July 18, 2011

Maná Encourages Audiences to Take A Stand Against Racism (VIDEO)

Maná Encourages Audiences to Take A Stand Against Racism (VIDEO)

Photo: Mana in Concert

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Thursday night thousands of Latinos in Fairfax, Virginia were told by Maná‘s Fher Olvera to “never forget your roots.” 

“Never forget your roots ... we have to keep fighting those lousy damn racists.”

Virginia is one of several states that have passed a law that punishes businesses for hiring undocumented immigrants.

Maná, that originate from Mexico, dazzled the audience with an array of tunes from their new album “Drama y Luz.”

Frontman Fher Olvera also said he was grateful for the presence of advisers to President Barack Obama, whom the band supported in the 2008 election.

Mana also used a giant screen to convey its pro-environment and pro-immigrant messages against “a wave of racism against immigrants in the United States, where Mexicans make up around 60 percent of the Latino population.”

Below, a video of Maná earlier this month, delivering another anti-racism message, one with a comment to a certain Arizona senator.