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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 28, 2011

Man Hides Mom’s Corpse in Oil Drum, Then Hides Drum in Hot Dog Cart

Man Hides Mom’s Corpse in Oil Drum, Then Hides Drum in Hot Dog Cart

Photo: Colombian Man Hides Mom’s Corpse in Oil Drum

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Authorities haven’t been able to charge the man, as they haven’t been able to pull the body from the oil drum, sealed with concrete.

A Colombian man was pushing a hot dog cart down a busy Bogotá street at 9:00pm Monday night. A putrid stench, and the suspicious way in which the man struggled with the cart alerted neighbors who contacted police.

When the police arrived, the man panicked and confessed that he was using the hot dog stand to cart around an oil drum that contained his own mother’s remains.

The suspect told officers his mother had passed away last year after falling down the stairs. He said he didn’t report her demise out of fear, and instead opted for hiding the corpse in the oil drum, and sealing it with concrete, only to abandon it in a nearby parking garage to be retrieved last evening.

As forensics try to recover the body, the man has been placed under arrest, though he will not be charged until the identity of the body and the exact cause of death have been confirmed.