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Wednesday December 14, 2011

MALDEF Sues Texas For Inadequate Education of Latino Children in State

MALDEF Sues Texas For Inadequate Education of Latino Children in State

Photo: MALDEF Sues Texas School for Poor Education latinos

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Today, against the backdrop of the Dr. Jose A. Cardenas Early Childhood Center – located in the school district at the center of MALDEF’s first landmark school finance case, Edgewood v. Kirby, back in the 1980s – MALDEF announced the filing of a major education funding lawsuit against the State of Texas.

Flanked by Edgewood Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Jose A. Cervantes as well as parents, students, and community leaders,MALDEF’s Southwest Regional Counsel David Hinojosa laid out the three key claims made by the Plaintiffs, including the first statewide adequacy claim made on behalf of low income and English Language Learner children.

MALDEF has led the battle for fair school funding in Texas courts for four decades. MALDEF stated: “The Texas educational system has fallen woefully short of this mandate, particularly with respect to providing equal educational opportunity to Latino students who now account for one out of every two students and low income students who account for three out of every five students.”

MALDEF argues that without adequate funding and resource support, many school districts will continue to suffer from the budget cuts, arbitrary funding mechanisms, and increasing unfunded or underfunded state mandates that have made it all but impossible for these school districts to provide Texas students with a quality education and preparation for college and the job market.

With this lawsuit, MALDEF aims to remedy this problem and help create a better, more efficient school system for all Texas students, Latino and non-Latino alike.