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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 21, 2011

MALDEF Sues Indiana Over Its Immigration Law SB 590

MALDEF Sues Indiana Over Its Immigration Law SB 590

Photo: MALDEF Sues Indiana Over Immigration

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MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) has filed suit on behalf of La Union Benefica Mexicana, a Latino community and civic organization in Northern Indiana, against the State of Indiana to strike down two previously-unchallenged provisions of the State’s anti-immigrant law known as Senate Bill 590 (SB 590).

Signed into law on May 10, 2011, SB 590 creates a state-based regime of immigration regulations that poses severe and immediate threats to the United States Constitution and to the livelihood of anyone who “looks” to local authorities like an undocumented immigrant, alleges MALDEF.

MALDEF challenges SB 590 as a violation of several federal constitutional provisions.

With this lawsuit, MALDEF specifically seeks to stop the enforcement of two key, that have the purpose of penalizing employment and contracting activities of workers and business owners in Indiana. The suit alleges both sections conflict with federal laws and policies and usurp powers constitutionally vested exclusively in the federal government.

SB 590 went into effect on July 1, 2011. Other provisions have been barred from implementation through a previously-filed suit.

“This challenge is necessary to send a message to anti-immigrant groups that their efforts to pass Arizona-style legislation in the Midwest are not welcome and will be resisted,” added Alonzo Rivas, MALDEF Midwest Regional Counsel.