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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 18, 2010

Major Fugitive Drug Kingpin Captured in Puerto Rico

The very elusive and dangerous, Jose Figueroa Agosto, was captured in Puerto Rico as he was trying to give authority’s the slip again.  Agosto had been on a lot of people’s most wanted list and had been evading capture for a decade, even escaping from a Puerto Rican jail in 1999 after forging release papers.  Agosto had been serving a 209-year sentence for murder when he escaped.  He is considered the most wanted man in the Dominican Republic but will remain in the U.S. to serve his murder charge.

The 45-year has been dubbed the “Pablo Escobar” of the Caribbean and is wanted on charges of kidnapping, money laundering, drug trafficking and murder charges.  In spite of his lengthy list of criminal enterprises he has made time for love.  His equally infamous lover, Sobeida Morel, is also a mosted wanted fugitive.  Both have been implicated in shipping drugs from Colombia to the U.S. via Puerto Rico. 


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