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Latino Daily News

Friday April 15, 2011

Magic Takes Over Chile in “Chile Mágico 2011” (VIDEO)

Magic Takes Over Chile in “Chile Mágico 2011” (VIDEO)

Photo: chile magico 2011

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Take a peek to the best World Champion magicians, who will converge in Chile for Chile Mágico 2011.

This weekend, Chile is hosting an international Magic contests, featuring shows by the best Latin American illusionists, as well as world renowned magicians Kevin James from the us and French world champion Norbert Ferré.

Below, some of the most notorious Hispanic magicians:

Rafael Benatar from Venezuela

Miguel Ángel Gea from Spain

Gustavo Vierini from Brazil

Radagast from Argentina

Magic Twins from Chile

Aldo Duce from Chile

Victor Lutte from Argentina

Fernando Keops from México

Alvaro Quevedo from Chile

Bruno Tarnecci from Perú

Juan Esteban Varela from Chile