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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 20, 2011

Madrid is Preparing to Welcome a Million Young People for World Youth Day

Madrid is Preparing to Welcome a Million Young People for World Youth Day

Photo: World Youth Day 2011, Spain

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Major religious and cultural events are being organized for World Youth Day (WYD) in Spain by the Catholic Church that gathers around the Pope thousands of young people from all continents.  This year the event will be held from August 16 to 21 in Madrid. According to the booking program “Forwardkeys”, airline reservations for Madrid for WYD days increased by 150% compared to 2010. The Municipality of Madrid has estimated that 4,000 media alone from five continents will follow the event.

The Tourism Authority of Madrid is organizing three specific tours: “Madrid essential for World Youth Day ” for people with disabilities, ” Pontifical Madrid” and “The Churches in Madrid” in which you can visit the church-related buildings and the Papacy, convents and parishes as well. “World Youth Day 2011” and “Madrid for you, the ecclesiastical patrimony” are the titles of two welcome publications offered to pilgrims who report useful information about the capital. Fixed points concerning tourist information have been set up where specific information desks about WYD are found and new points will be created as this event draws near.

The city of Madrid has also organized spiritual cultural events, such as the exposition “Moved, by the beauty” that gathers architect Antonio Gaudi’s inspirational reasons, or the special itinerary that Prado Museum offers concerning important paintings where the image of Christ is portrayed.