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Latino Daily News

Saturday June 2, 2012

LULAC Announces 2012 Voter Registration Campaign

LULAC announces the launch of its 2012 Voter Registration campaign, “The Future is in Your Hands: Vote”. LULAC is committed to ensuring that Latino issues are an integral part of the upcoming general election.

“The Latino community cannot afford to stand by and let issues like education, immigration and healthcare, be decided by leaders who fail to understand the issues critical to our community,” stated LULAC National President Margaret Moran. “Registering to vote and voting is the only way to ensure that we have elected officials who will advocate for the Latino community. I encourage all LULAC Councils to get involved with the LULAC campaign, The Future is in Your Hands: Vote!”

What does the “2012 The Future is in your Hands: Vote” campaign mean?

The goal is to educate and register 60,000 Latinos to vote in the 2012 elections by working directly with the LULAC membership and community based organizations which will provide capacity building, training resources, and educational tools. Education is a key component to ensuring that our community is well versed on the candidates and their positions on issues. Another integral component of our campaign is to ensure that all Latinos vote in an environment without fear of intimidation at the polls. To that end, LULAC is committed to training teams of advocates regarding the voter I.D. laws in their local areas.

Why is engaging Latinos to vote important?

We call on the LULAC membership at large to engage in a grassroot effort to register friends, family, co-workers, and community members, to vote in the upcoming election. By registering 60,000 members of the Latino community, the LULAC campaign will help ensure that the issues of concern for the Latino community are a key part of the political discussion leading up to the election. This can only happen if Latinos exercise their right to vote on Election Day in unprecedented numbers. To receive more information and enroll in the campaign please fill out the form.