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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 26, 2012

Luis Miguel Concert Inaugurates New $400 Million Mexico City Arena

Luis Miguel Concert Inaugurates New $400 Million Mexico City Arena

Photo: Luis Miguel Inaugurates Mexico City Arena

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Mexican singer Luis Miguel took the stage on the weekend at the new but unfinished Mexico City Arena, a venue with a capacity of 22,300 and filled with enormous screens and luxuries such as private suites but which was opened despite numerous unresolved problems.

Dirty seats, work materials in the corridors, uncontrolled air conditioning and screens that do not work were just some of the inconveniences the approximately 20,000 people who came to the inaugural concert had to put up with.

According to what businessmen Alberto Hinojosa and Guillermo Salinas Pliego said on Saturday, the venue is one of the largest of the so-called “arenas” in the Americas, which are designed for musical, theatrical and sports events.

More than $400 million has been invested in its construction, including up-to-date technology such as the world’s largest outside digital screen and another screen in the middle of the stage that is also the world’s largest in a locale of this type.

The screen onto which Luis Miguel was projected when he finally took the stage was not delivering good sound quality and later in the evening it stopped working altogether.

During the course of the next two hours, however, the singer performed some of his most popular numbers, including “Somos novios” and “Por debajo de la mesa” - telling the audience that he was celebrating his 30 years in music with this concert.

Tickets went for up to 3,000 pesos ($232).

Luis Miguel is scheduled to perform there again on Sunday evening, and guitarist Carlos Santana is to offer a concert at the Arena on March 11 and Pitbull on March 16.