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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 22, 2013

Los Inquietos del Norte Release Thirteenth Album

Los Inquietos del Norte Release Thirteenth Album

Photo: Los Inquietos del Norte

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Los Inquietos del Norte’s 13th album, “Los Psychos del corrido,” includes 15 songs that are solidly in the irreverent vein mined by the band since its founding nearly two decades ago.

The first single from the new disc, “La clika acelerada,” is addressed to the group’s hard-core fans.

Brothers Felipe, Jose Guadalupe and Rosalio Meza formed Los Inquietos in their native Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1995, but the band coalesced in California with the addition of drummer Jorge Luis Coque Torres and violinist Manuel “El Rabano” Acevedo.

Known for their fast-paced tunes about controversial topics, Los Inquietos have carved out a niche in the crowded genre of “corrido,” based on the traditional ballad of northern Mexican.