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Latino Daily News

Friday September 10, 2010

“Los Doyers” Becomes Official (VIDEO)

A common nickname for the Los Angeles Dodgers has become official thanks in great part to the large percentage of Mexican American fans.  The U.S. trademark database is showing that last month Los Angeles Dodger owners trademarked “Los Doyers” in addition to their long standing trademarked English-language version “Dodgers.”

The team of Jackie Robinson and home to Manny Ramirez, Vicente Padilla, Joel Piñero and others is also the casita of thousands of Latino fans situated in the city with the largest U.S. Hispanic population – 4.6 million.  Spanish language dictionaries and language experts do not recognize the word ‘doyers’ but clearly the fans do.  Mexican Americans fans have been mispronouncing the word for decades so much so that it is considered a legitimate word.

No comment from the Dodger’s organization if they will trademark ‘Los Dogers’ which is the pronunciation used by Cuban fans.

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