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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 29, 2011

Los Angeles Catholic Schools Adopt a 200-day School Calendar, 20 More than Most Schools in Country

The Catholic archdiocese of Los Angeles has announced it is adding 20 days more to its academic calendar for a total of 200 days, more than most schools in the nation.

The announcement made by Cardinal Roger Mahony comes just as the Los Angeles Unified school district cut its school calendar to 175 days.  The Cardinal has assured everyone the decision was not meant to provide Los Angeles Catholic schools with a competitive edge over local schools.

The Archdiocese operates 210 elementary, middle schools and 50 Catholic high schools with over 80,000 students in attendance; the 30,000 high school students are not affected by this change. The stated goal is to make sure Catholic schools students in the region remain globally competitive.

The additional cost is expected to be bore by tuition increases and help from fundraising efforts and comes as other Catholic archdioceses in the country are closing schools or facing budget shortfalls.  Many of the elementary and middle schools effected have large Hispanic populations that appear ready to take on the added tuition cost ranging between $200 - $800.