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Latino Daily News

Sunday March 27, 2011

Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez Perspective on Immigration Debate & ‘Humanitarian Crisis’

Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez Perspective on Immigration Debate & ‘Humanitarian Crisis’

Photo: Archbishop Jose H. Gomez

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Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez recently addressed the Catholic University of America and spoke about the Catholic approach to the issue of U.S.-Mexico migration.  He acknowledged he was not a politician and his role was to ‘promote the dignity of the human person.’  In addition he pointed out that he himself was an immigrant being born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico.

Archbishop Gomez is head of the one of the largest Catholic archdiocese in the U.S with an estimated 5 million followers and the largest Hispanic archdiocese in the country.

He identified the root of the immigrant problem as economic globalization that did not provide a standard for movement of labor just goods.  Noting that the current policies of enforcement, detentions and deportations are a ‘humanitarian tragedy.”

On immigration, the Church he noted has formed three basic principles:  the human family is one and God did not create good things on earth just for a privileged few.  Second point the universal right of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness implies the right to emigrate to seek a better life. 

The final point Archbishop Gomez noted government has right to control their borders and immigrants must respect the laws of the countries they migrate to. 

In closing he concluded “No country can deny this basic human right to migrate out of exaggerated fears for national security or selfish concerns about threats to domestic jobs or standards of living.”