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Latino Daily News

Friday May 25, 2012

Locked Up Abroad: Man Escapes a Mexican Prison by Dressing Like a Woman

Locked Up Abroad: Man Escapes a Mexican Prison by Dressing Like a Woman

Photo: Locked Up Abroad: Man Escapes a Mexican Prison by Dressing Like a Woman

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In 1973, Dwight Worker was arrested in Mexico City after he was caught trying to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. He was sentenced to 5 years for drug possession, but after 2 years of allegedly being tortured in Lecumberri Prison (often called “The Black Palace of Mexico”) Worker was at his breaking point.

Though he admits he was “101 percent guilty” he said he claims what he was put through was far worse than he deserved. Worker was reportedly “tortured, electroshocked, and stabbed four times while there.”

However, amidst all the torture, Worker managed to find love. While locked up, Worker met fellow American, Barbara White, who had been visiting another prisoner.

The two eventually began planning a life together and even an escape.

Worker and White eventually came up with the plan. White would smuggle in women’s clothes, makeup, and a wig, and Worker would change into them, avoid being detected by the guards, and simply walk out.

With all the pieces for the drag-plan in hand, Worker did just that. He did his best to play the part of a visiting woman and managed to get out of the prison.

“It’s not illegal to escape from a prison in Mexico, unless you cause damage to the state or to a person,” Worker told the National Geographic interviewer. “However, it was foolish, because if the guards had captured me, they would have ... how do I put this? Treated me as if I was a woman before killing me.”

After escaping, Worker met up with White, changed, jumped on a plan to Arizona, and then just one last flight to his home in Indiana.

Though White and Worker divorced in 1988, they did have a son. And though his physical wounds may have healed, he says he still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to what they did to him in prison.

Mexican officials have never called for him to be extradited.

Check out a clip from “Locked Up Abroad” below.