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Latino Daily News

Monday April 25, 2011

Listen to “El Alcalde Bronco” The “Corrido” for the Mayor of García, Nuevo Leon (VIDEO)

Listen to “El Alcalde Bronco” The “Corrido” for the Mayor of García, Nuevo Leon (VIDEO)

Photo: Jaime Rodríguez Calderón

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Mayor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón has survived two drug cartel assassination attempts while in office. Now as a recognition of sorts, he’s gotten his own “corrido.”

Corridos are Mexican folk songs, that as of recently, seem to be more dedicated to highlighting the exploits of thugs, and drug lords, than the tough work of real life heroes.

“I’m not one of these politicians who hides what they think. I’m facing things that require you to have a strong character,” said the mayor Rodríguez.

García, a town of 50,000 people, is surrounded by hills and continuously ravaged by violence stemming from a beef between two former allied groups - the Gulf Cartel and The Zetas, who now wage a senseless war over smuggling routes into the U.S.

“I fired all the police and then I began to close the businesses the cartels ran to finance themselves; […] I began to impose order on the city ... and that got this gang angry and they reacted.”

In a nation where violence seems to be taking over, Rodrigo Garcia, the corrido songwriter, says the mayor’s story is “interesting and inspirational.”

“Here is a person who didn’t back down, who didn’t run,” Garcia said.