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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 11, 2012

Lisa Lampanelli Calls ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Teammate Dayana Mendoza “Retarded” and “Sp*c”

During a radio interview last week, comedian and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Lisa Lampanelli was not too kind when she spoke of former Miss Universe and fellow Apprentice contestant Dayana Mendoza.

When a listener called in to the Sirius XM 101 radio show and asked Lampanelli, “Why you being so c*nty towards Dayana Mendoza?” the comedian said, “Because she’s f*cking retarded.’

The caller then said Lampanelli simply hates Mendoza because she’s beautiful and Lampanelli is “Miss Piggy.”

After she explained that she thinks her teammates are all stunningly beautiful, she explained that she does not like Mendoza because she “has never had a usable idea on the Apprentice so far. If she does in future weeks that will be great, we’d love to hear them, but as you all heard them last night mopping up afterbirth with an O-Cedar mop is not what they go for.”

She was referring to Mendoza’s idea for their challenge to produce a viral video to promote O-Cedar’s ProMist mop. The Venezuelan beauty oddly suggested that the commercial star a pregnant woman whose water breaks and “before she goes to the hospital she needs to wipe that off.”

While some will agree with Lampanelli in that regard, she is catching flak for what she said afterwards.

Lampanelli took things too far when she said, “I actually would love to see [Dayana] giving birth. She’s a spic! She’s going to do it f***ing soon, anyway…She’ll be knocked up before the end of the week.”

As the outrage over her comments spread, Lampanelli was bombarded with equally insulting comments and even death threats.

Earlier this week however, Mendoza made comments of her own, telling the Huffington Post, “I understand that it’s Lisa’s job to make fun of people for a living,” she said. “If poking fun at me can help her sell tickets to her shows, no problem, I am happy to help her put food on her table. However, when she uses racial slurs, she is not only targeting myself but degrading an entire Hispanic culture.”

Check out Lampanelli’s full radio comments below.

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