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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 21, 2013

Lil Wayne Apologizes for LeBron Dig, But Not Comment About Miami Player’s Wife

Lil Wayne Apologizes for LeBron Dig, But Not Comment About Miami Player’s Wife

Photo: Lil Wayne Apologizes for LeBron Dig, But Not Comment About Miami Player's Wife

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The spectacle that is rapper Lil Wayne continues and the short-statured performer is dragging as many Miami Heat players into the fight as he can.

After being escorted out of a Heat-Lakers game in Miami last week, Lil Wayne sounded off on Twitter, and after running his mouth and causing scenes at other NBA events, the rapper claimed he was banned from all NBA All-Star events after he said the following at a game:

“F*** NBA! F*** Lebron! F*** SheWade! F*** Chris Bosh! And I f***ed Chris Bosh wife!”

He has since said he was sorry for saying LeBron’s name, because he has no beef with the basketball star and is in fact close with the player’s mother. Lil Wayne says he is not sorry, however, for comments he made about Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne.

Adrienne Williams, a Venezuelan-American model once known as Short Stack, reportedly dated Lil Wayne before marrying Bosh and was a well-known “urban model” in the Atlanta area.

Rumor has it that Adrienne conned the rapper out of a lot of money and claimed she had cancer and needed financial help. While there is nothing to confirm the long-standing rumor, others in the rap community have continued the story. Rapper Gillie Da Kid once rapped about Adrienne allegedly conning Lil Wayne in “Fronting Like Ya Daddy.” Also, earlier this week Harlem rapper Cam’ron put the pint size model on blast saying she used to hook up with his friend before she was Lil Wayne.

Impressively, it seems both Bosh and his wife have remained positive, as she has stuck to positive messages and Bosh has not commented on Lil Wayne’s rants.

Chris and Adrienne were married in 2011. On May 3, 2012, Adrienne gave birth to their son, Jackson.

Lil Wayne’s issue with the Miami Heat began last week when he was in Miami and reportedly gestured to a Lakers fan he was arguing with that he had a gun.

A man named Danny Vega, who was at the game when the feud started, says the rapper was not thrown out for his allegiance to Lakers, as the rapper claimed, but rather because of the threatening encounter with a Miami fan.

On the night of the game, Vega tweeted:

Random guy yelled at Lil Wayne at #MiamiHEAT game,” tweeted Vega. “Weezy looked back, gave him a mean stare & gestured he had a gun. LOL what a douche.